In this wine, roast hazelnut precedes ripe, dark-cherry notes that seem to find their way straight to a pleasure center of the brain. The palate follows in a hedonistic flow of ripe, velvety dark cherry, perfumed with a hint of Amarena. 

A nose with a very pleasant richness and fruitiness. On the palate, rediscover this opulence and let yourself be seduced by the round, silky and full side of this wine.

One of the most renowned Cru in the whole Barolo area, a true jewel in the municipality of Castiglione Falletto, where the two souls of Barolo meet, the more austere and the more "gentle". Vines over 50 years old give rise to a wine of incredible depth and complexity.

Thanks to an accurate, traditional vinification, followed by a maceration of at least 20 days, after three years of storage, first in wood and then in the bottle, a great austere, warm and velvety Barolo is obtained. With a color with red - garnet tones and aromas with excellent olfactory notes reminiscent of spices, leather, violets and the classic "goudron".

Obtained from Nebbiolo grapes from Barolo thanks to a shorter vinification and a limited aging period. It is ruby ​​red, with fruity and herbaceous hints, on the palate it is full and harmonious. Excellent on medium-aged cheeses and cold cuts. Serve at 16-17 degrees. It can evolve optimally for 5-7 years.

Ruby red color with light purple hues, it expresses all the typicality of Barbera, especially in its fresh and pleasant fruitiness. Barbera is ideal for many tables rich in cured meats and robiole, but also with more elaborate foods, in particular grilled meat and aged cheeses. Its evolutionary possibilities are excellent; the temperature must be around 18 degrees, use large round glasses.

It is intense, ethereal but full and robust, of a garnet red color with orange reflections that become more evident with aging: a complex, harmonious and fascinating wine that continues to evolve showing new facets.

Ruby color tending to garnet with intense notes of rose and violet, accompanied by a hint of wet earth and a ripe red fruit. Very long tannins, however sweet, speak of an evolution that will be completed much later in time.

Particular finesse on the nose, balance and complexity, olfactory sensations of ripe red fruit, spices, violets, typical of Nebbiolo. Enveloping tannin, excellent length on the palate.

Red with violet hues, a rich range of complex perfumes where red fruits, dry hay, flowers, licorice, and incense blend to a subtle mineral texture. This Barbera Superiore has a richness and an incredible depth that, starting from the nose, accompany the entire tasting.

A delicate entry in the mouth to then open and fill the palate with all its complexity, vivacity and elegance. A very fine and persistent finish, mineral and savory, with great freshness and aromatic depth.

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