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60% Grenache Noir, 40% Syrah

Explosion of red fruits on the nose. Soft tannins, smooth and fruity palate. Medium body. Fresh finish.

Color: fine and persistent perlage, intense straw yellow with golden reflections.

Bouquet: bouquet of great complexity and finesse, with hints of ripe cedar, orange peel.

Taste: perfect balance of fruity, spicy and almond scents. An innate freshness and elegance that end with a long gustatory persistence.


A generous wine that goes nicely with tasty and strong dishes, light fried dishes, roasts, grilled red meat, boiled meats and matured cheeses.

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Extreme attention is paid to the management of the vineyard: low productivity through thinning operations, careful selection at the manual harvest, vinification with long maceration, even up to thirty days.

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It is the wine that has made the image of the company known and continues to be. It has the direct line to its variety, the Turbiana, the native grape of Lake Garda. Designed to be consumed during the year, it expresses the best part of itself after many years of bottling.

Color: straw yellow with greenish reflections, very fine and persistent perlage

Bouquet: floral and fruity notes alternate in a very pleasant way. The scents are reminiscent of those typical of the golden apple and pear.

Taste: excellent balance between the sweetness of the residual sugar and the fresh liveliness of the acidity. Very pleasant and persistent finish

Soft, tasty, velvety at the same time, leaves on the taste buds a note of sweetness and roundness typical of ripe grape with a slightly dry and astringent closure that distinguishes the Nebbiolo.

Pale golden colour with tiny and fine bubbles. Rather lively and well balanced with aromas of white flowers. Champagne minéral aux arômes de fleurs blanches.

On the nose, Mannaz develops mature and generous aromas of peach, dried fruits (almond, hazelnut) and sweet spices.
The whole register of maturity and evolution is offered in mouth. Pear, baked apple and ripe fruit expresses finesse. The finish is rich and dense, promising a high quality. 

Taste: lively attack thanks to a low dosage that respects the authenticity of the wine. You can feel the minerality of the chalk. Flavors of citrus, almond, toasted bread immediately impose themselves

A pleasure to share with your friends for aperitif. Fineness, elegance and refinement are the main characteristics of this wine which has to be a privilege.

Bright ruby ​​red color with purple reflections. Thanks to the harmony of the tannins, combined with the delicate complexity of the aromas and the final note of sweetness it gives a sensation of perfect balance in the mouth.