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From the queen region in the production of reds in Italy, a wide choice of products, from the great Barolo and Barbaresco, passing through the Dolcetti di Dogliani and Alba, the great Nebbioli di Langa and Roero, but also the interpretations of great producers of international vines such as Pinot Noir and Cabernet Sauvignon. We have been operating in the Langhe area for over 20 years, our company headquarters is a few kilometers away, and the privileged relationship with the producers has always allowed us a wide selection and continuous and careful research.

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The wine has a ruby ​​red color, with garnet reflections typical of the grape. The nose is floral and fruity, rich in hints reminiscent of violet and rose. The light tannins envelop the mouth in a delicate and elegant way. The balance and harmony make this Nebbiolo quite drinkable and invite to another glass.

Nebbiolo from the vineyards of Barbaresco. Light garnet red color. Intense fragrance. Soft and velvety. Suitable for the whole meal and excellent on white meats.

It takes the name of the house being a selection of more vineyards around the company. Traditional typology that follows the Piedmontese philosophy of aging in large Slavonian oak barrels of 2500 L where it rests for two years. Wine that plays on elegance and fruit.

Soft, tasty, velvety at the same time, leaves on the taste buds a note of sweetness and roundness typical of ripe grape with a slightly dry and astringent closure that distinguishes the Nebbiolo.

COLOR: Intense ruby ​​red with purple reflections.

AROMA: Ample, rich, enveloping with profusion of red fruits; prevail plum and blackberry with fresh jam finish.

TASTE: Warm, vigorous, of great vigor, rich in sweet and fruity notes, harmony of vinous and fresh scents with a great finish of vanilla and pomegranate.

The color is bright and intense ruby ​​red, the liveliness makes it particularly pleasant and inviting. The very fine olfactory sensations grow slowly providing first fruity nuances of blackberry and cooked plum and subsequently vinous, fermentation, typical of Barbera, with a just aromatic contribution of the wood.

Color: bright purple red.
Perfume: fine notes of fresh fruit, you perceive a small note of coffee and chocolate.
Taste: beautiful harmony between freshness, fruit and acidity, notes of raspberry and berries.

"Vigna del Salice" is obtained from the pressing of Barbera d'Asti grapes from the oldest vineyards owned by the company, high hills, facing south-east, where the vocation for the Barbera grape is higher.

The visual impact is a beautiful purple red very bright. The olfactory analysis reminds of fruit and typical aromas, including red cherry. The taste is a very nice balance among tannins, acidity and alcohol, so that the wine is sapid and pleasant. 

Color: Light ruby ​​red with a tendency to an orange hue after the first 12 months in the bottle.
Bouquet: Flowery and delicate, with typical scents of marasca cherry and undergrowth and delicate semblance of oriental spices.
Taste: Dry and harmonious, warm and pleasant with a refined slightly bitter aftertaste.

Good gustative persistence with the classic light tannin astringency of Nebbiolo, very well rounded by the wood aromas and other flavour components (proteins, salts, trivalent salts).Lovely finish, persistent and stimulating.

Color: ruby ​​red, transparent.
Smell: floral bouquet of roses, wild mint, vanilla, of long and fine intensity.
Taste: intense, very fresh, pleasant and sweetly tannic.