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The alluvial soils that cover the Bolzano area of ​​Gries have always been the ideal location to cultivate the native Lagrein vine, as evidenced by written sources dating back to 1379. Lagrein Gries stands out for its aromas of wild berries, but also for its its noble aromatic notes and a full and balanced body.

This Merlot, which grows best in the DOC area of ​​Terlano especially in the hot areas exposed to the south where the soil is clayey, is a full-bodied red wine and particularly strikes with its finesse.

The Ganda peak, a mighty massif behind Andriano, stands to protect the sweet vineyards of the wide Adige valley. Vigorous and elegant, deep and balanced: apparent contrasts that in this full-bodied Merlot give life to a surprisingly harmonious whole.

Its bouquet seduces with complex and layered aromas of fruit, such as ripe berries and cherries, spicy notes of pepper and leather. These aromas and sensations are also reflected on the palate. In the mouth the wine excites for its enveloping tannins, with elegance and finesse, and for its harmonious structure and body which make it very long-lived.

The shades of ruby ​​red and garnet of this pinot go nicely arm in arm with its delicate scent of blackberry, raspberry and cherry. In the mouth it is soft and full, expressing all the energy and robustness of a young and hopeful wine.

Incredibly sensitive to diseases, it bears little treatment and is certainly among the most difficult to grow grapes.
It is distinguished by its organoleptic, refined and elegant characteristics.
In this wine the hints of red berries, cherries and wild berries are enhanced and for this reason it is suitable for various combinations.

Charming red wine with delicate fruity, soft, fine aromas of berries, supported by sweet tannins. Pleasant and fine aftertaste of long resistance. Each glass leaves a convincing and unforgettable impression.

On the palate this Pinot Noir enhances the balance between a fruity fullness and a slightly tannic structure, a balance that gives this wine strong mineral notes and a great elegance.

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Ruby red color

Rich and elegant bouquet with hints of black currant and more

Flavor medium full body, harmonious and refined.