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Trentino Alto Adige

From Trentino Alto Adige different types of red wines, the freshness of Pinot Noir and Lagrein, but also the elegance of Merlot and Bordeaux blends. A region with great international influences both in the style of winemaking and in the choice of the vines used. For some years the elegance especially of the Pinot Noir of South Tyrol has made this region one of the most appreciated in absolute terms and not only for the great white wines. Other vines, perhaps less well-known and noble, still deserve to be discovered and tasted. Freshness and ease of drinking are the common denominator of these products.

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Dark garnet red color, vigorous, balanced and finely structured. Its complex bouquet initially amazes for its spicy notes of tobacco which then leave room for fruity nuances of blackcurrant and blueberry. It has a fresh and decisive acidity, embellished with ripe and soft tannins which, after having expressed their intensity on the palate.

Garnet color that convinces on the nose for the fine bouquet of black currant, blackberries and notes of black pepper. In the mouth it extends over the entire palate, thanks to the well-built tannins that give it power and structure. Full and rich body that balances well between ripe fruit and tannins, underlining a harmonious and persistent finish.

The alluvial soils that cover the Bolzano area of ​​Gries have always been the ideal location to cultivate the native Lagrein vine, as evidenced by written sources dating back to 1379. Lagrein Gries stands out for its aromas of wild berries, but also for its its noble aromatic notes and a full and balanced body.

Mentioned by the sources for the first time in the seventeenth century, Lagrein is one of the oldest vines in South Tyrol. Its ripe and full berries give the wine its characteristic intense red.

At sight this wine shows a hue of ruby ​​red and garnet reflections. On the nose there are fine hints of berries and cherry. An elegant wine with a well-proportioned, balanced and round body, with a persistent finish.

This Merlot, which grows best in the DOC area of ​​Terlano especially in the hot areas exposed to the south where the soil is clayey, is a full-bodied red wine and particularly strikes with its finesse.

The Ganda peak, a mighty massif behind Andriano, stands to protect the sweet vineyards of the wide Adige valley. Vigorous and elegant, deep and balanced: apparent contrasts that in this full-bodied Merlot give life to a surprisingly harmonious whole.

Its bouquet seduces with complex and layered aromas of fruit, such as ripe berries and cherries, spicy notes of pepper and leather. These aromas and sensations are also reflected on the palate. In the mouth the wine excites for its enveloping tannins, with elegance and finesse, and for its harmonious structure and body which make it very long-lived.

Charming red wine with delicate fruity, soft, fine aromas of berries, supported by sweet tannins. Pleasant and fine aftertaste of long resistance. Each glass leaves a convincing and unforgettable impression.

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On the palate this Pinot Noir enhances the balance between a fruity fullness and a slightly tannic structure, a balance that gives this wine strong mineral notes and a great elegance.

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