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From the creative flair of the Jerry Thomas Project in Rome (World 50 Best Bar), the Mr. Quail & J.T. bottled cocktail line was created in collaboration with Antica Distilleria Quaglia. Simple to prepare, they are perfect for your aperitif and for your parties.

Bitter is one of the key components, together with Vermouth, of Italian mixing. Berto wanted to give a classic interpretation of this historic liqueur adding to the zest of sweet oranges and he also loved Quassio, Carlina and Assenzio.

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The color is bright yellow, bright and intense.
The scent is intense, persistent and marked, immediately evokes the fresh flower, with slight citrus notes.
Delicate and soft on the palate, it immediately releases in all its intensity the floral notes of chamomile and spices.

Precious Sambucus nigra flowers, spontaneously born on the hills of Asti, are infused in alcohol, surrounded by Iris roots and other spices, for a liqueur with a very particular combination of delicacy and softness, given by floral and elegant notes.

Impactly it offers the nose a powerful but not intrusive alcoholic note soon declined in floral and balsamic hints.
The sip is inevitably warm, savory and enveloping with consistent retro-olfactory returns.
To be enjoyed in large glasses, with or without ice, accompanied by milk chocolate pralines.