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There are many fine wines that are produced in Sardinia: the viticulture of the region is very ancient, but only recently, since the 1970s, have the typical wines been recognized nationally and internationally, obtained from vines grown on predominantly calcareous soil. and sandy. Cannonau di Sardegna DOC is the region's most prestigious red wine, which is traditionally paired with typical Sardinian meat dishes: roast suckling pig, lamb and kid. The vine is grown mainly in Ogliastra, in the Baronie, in the Nuorese and in the Romangia.

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Intense ruby ​​red color with purplish fingernail, very clear.
Intense fresh and immediate bouquet with nuances of ripe red fruit and vegetable notes.
Dry and soft taste with good structure and persistent olfactory taste.

Dark ruby ​​red, almost impenetrable, intense aroma of small red fruits, blackberry and cherry jam combined with spicy notes of pepper and leather. Soft in the tannins and full-bodied, enveloping. Long persistence.