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Olfave and gustave notes: Slight bitter almond flavor, poorly acidic, round, lends itself to slight aging.
Serve with: Ideal as an aperitif, asparagus soup, raw ham and white meat.

Tomato leaf and bergamot sensations, which are accompanied by a background of officinal herbs and hay ... taste of bitter almond with an enveloping and savory finish

Aromas of golden apple and sweet citrus, with floral notes. Pleasant acidity and flavor, balanced taste and remarkable persistence.aromas of golden apple and sweet citrus, with floral notes ... pleasant acidity and flavor, balanced taste and remarkable persistence

Slight fruity hints of apple and white peach with hints of acacia flowers and hints of aromatic herbs and an intense and pleasant freshness

Olfactory and gustatory notes: pale straw-yellow color tending to greenish reflections, characteristic, dry, citrine, medium alcohol content. It has a pleasant and inviting bouquet. Remember the woods, the 'acacia, chestnut, oak.

To be served with: cold hors d'oeuvres, sauced fish dishes, sauces sour lemon or all''aceto.

Tomato leaf, sage and elderberry notes precede nuances of tropical fruit and citrus fruits ... a soft and harmonious white, pleasant acidity

Olfactory and gustatory notes: intense and elegant aroma of elderflower, peach leaf and pepper, full and fat on the palate with a velvety and soft finish.

To accompany with: appetizers, in particular ham, delicate creams and soups, shellfish and sauced fish.

Aromatic par excellence, the traminer discovers fresh and fruity aromas in its intense glasses. In the Grave of Friuli, it enjoys a particularly favorable climate due to the temperature changes that favor the preservation of the aromas in the grapes and that allow giving life to wines of great charm.