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At the sight its color is bright yellow, with green reflections. It has an intense floral bouquet with fruity scents reminiscent of ripe apples. The body is powerful and well proportioned, the finish is long and persistent. In the mouth it is pleasantly dry, subtle and velvety, fresh and lively.

Bright and brilliant straw yellow, with slight greenish reflections. An intriguing nose with almost tropical aromas and ripe fruit. A fresh and balanced entry into the mouth, with a complex, very aromatic palate that envelops with fruity hints. An eternal, persistent finish.

50% Trebbiano, 30% Malvasia, 15% Grechetto and 5% other native white grapes (from vines aged 40 to 60 years) 2 separate harvests, the grapes from the hillside vineyards are harvested a week before those in the plains. Fermentation in steel, contact with the skins for 48 hours and aging for 6 months on its own yeasts. Only shortly before bottling the masses are assembled.

White wine with a deep straw yellow color. Intense aroma, hot notes that recall very ripe fruit. Pleasantly full and rounded, it is a wine whose ideal acidity is well masked by the elegant body. A balancing act that make this wine pleasantly unique.

It has a straw yellow color. The nose initially lets perceive vegetal notes then followed by citrus hints and embellished with mineral tones. The palate is full-bodied, fresh and pleasantly savory.

Straw yellow, crystalline. The nose is presented with captivating aromas of almond and fresh exotic fruit: pineapple and mango. The taste is characterized by spicy flavor and pleasant freshness accompanied by a carpet of light fruity and green notes.

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Its floral and fruity bouquet makes it delicate and pleasant. On the nose, in fact, there are faint hints of white, yellow flowers and notes of fresh fruit such as peach, melon and papaya, while in the mouth, the strong sapidity typical of the grape highlights its persistent minerality.

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The white grapes of the Sauvignon, Riesling renano and Pinot Bianco varieties that ripen on our slopes give rise to the white Cuvèe. The composition of these three wines ages in large wooden barrels and is refined in great flavor and unique finesse. The profound minerality and long endurance excite many connoisseurs.

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The effect of the Nova Domus on the palate is complex and structured, with a creamy and soft taste that contrasts with the aromatic and mineral notes, giving life to a captivating symbiosis that lingers long aftertaste.

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Santannella: It rises on soft hills that are reflected on the orange lake. the fertile clay soil gives the wine a fragrance and minerality.