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The water used for the production of 1724 comes from Patagonia in Argentina and together with the special quinine gives this tonic water the right balance between sweetness and bitterness.

Ginger Beer J.Gasco is a soft drink that owes its opalescent blond color to natural ginger extract. Refreshing, with balanced spiciness from the citrus and persistent notes of lime, it is the mixer that makes the difference in the preparation of Moscow Mule.

Indian Tonic J.Gasco is a quinine-based soft drink that comes with a softer aroma than standard tonics. Round and delicate taste with bitter overtones, very fine carbonation, it is the mixer designed for all types of mixed.

Tonic 13.5 J.Gasco is a soft drink that revisits the traditional recipe based on quinine in a light key. Sugar-free, with fructose and juniper extract, it is a Premium tonic with a dry, persistent taste, designed to enhance the notes of Gin without covering it.

Violet Sparkling J.Gasco is a soft drink that stands out among the sodas for the flowery scent of violet extract. With a velvety and fine taste, when mixed it allows to express all the botanical components of Gin even of high complexity.

Dry Bitter Tonic J.Gasco is a soft drink designed for those who love the true tonic created with the ancient recipe based on quinine. Well structured, persistent, with bitter and clean notes, it enhances and strengthens the scents of Gin and aromatic spirits.