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The glass slides gracefully with its greenish yellow coat, accompanied by soft notes of plum, linden, ginger and lemongrass, the texture of the fine bubbles flows pleasantly on the palate, ending with a gooseberry finish. Wine to combine with small talk, smiles, company. Prologue to a pleasant day.

Color: salmon pink, fine and persistent perlage

Bouquet: characteristic, of red fruit

Taste: dry, with a pleasantly acidic and fruity aftertaste

Fine and continuous perlage, golden yellow color with green reflections is how it appears in the glass. The nose is fragrant, with notes of biscuits and hazelnut, hay and seasoned tobacco. The silky and creamy carbonic makes room for acidity that makes room for acidity that stimulates salivation by returning the biscuit and hazelnut notes.

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Classic method obtained from Pinot Nero Oltrepò Pavese grapes of great harmony and pleasantness, with a good acidity that helps clean the palate. The center-mouth is characterized by a beautiful vinosity. Aftertaste characterized by mineral notes.

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Pinot Nero Oltrepò Pavese in purity for a classic method of great harmony and pleasantness, with a good acidity that helps clean the palate, leaving an aftertaste characterized by mineral notes.

COLOR Bright straw yellow with fine and persistent perlage

BOUQUET Complex, intense, fruity, vaguely reminiscent of the rose

ON THE PALATE The palate is soft, dry and persuasive. Serve in a large sparkling wine glass at a temperature of 5 ° - 6 ° C.

A refined blend of red grapes vinified in rosé blends into a delicate encounter that intrigues the originality of aromas and flavors. Sparkling with the charmat method, this innovative Brut sparkling wine elegantly combines a "nervous" fiber with great softness and easy to drink.