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Golden yellow, with bright amber reflections. The nose is characterized by a wide range of honeyed aromas, withered white flowers and dried fruit. On the palate, the sweet notes and the references of candied orange and apricot jam find the right counterpoint in a pleasant acidity that cleanses the palate and supports the long persistence.

The combined effect of all the spices brings about the most interesting benefits: the synergy of the elements extracted via maceration in alcohol develops bitter-flavoured active principles which help the digestion by the stimulation of the secretion of saliva and gastric juices.

Intense ruby ​​red. The nose reigns with the typical freshness of our Baroli, accompanied by a swing of orange zest and mountain herbs. In the mouth rightly bitter and persistent. A history spanning hundreds of years as the birthplace of joyful moments at the table, almost a digestive. In more recent times as a meditation wine married to chocolate.

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In the mouth it is warm, harmonious, enveloping and never cloying, since the sweetness is perfectly balanced by the freshness and flavor.

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Intense, persistent, pronounced bouquet, hints of dried clary sage, jam, vanilla and honey; sweet flavor - not sweet, broad with an elegant and caressing body. Seduction wine.

This rare passito is the result of Malvasia and Corinto Nero grapes grown on the volcanic soil of the island of Salina. The grapes dried in the sun on cane racks are then vinified. This is followed by slow fermentation and maturation in small oak barrels. An interesting combination with soft blue cheeses and goose liver, with pastries, chocolate desserts and ice cream.

An excellent dessert wine, but not only: of an intense flavor, it also holds up well with the accompaniment of tasty cheeses, seasoned and also with blue cheeses.

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