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Rest of the world

Not only in Europe great red wines are produced; the "New World" of wine is rapidly climbing the international audience ratings.

For this reason it is right to give space to the great products of these lands, from the American Pinot Noir and Cabernet Sauvignon, the Argentine Malbec, the very fine Pinot Noir of New Zealand and the products coming from the cradle of world wine culture such as Armenia and Georgia.

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Color: ruby ​​red

Bouquet: complex of red fruit, spicy

Taste: exotic, spicy with hints of red fruit

Malolactic fermentation and aging in large barrels determine the structure and elegance of a fresh and round wine.

An easy to drink wine for all occasions produced exclusively in steel. Intense color thanks to the thick skins due to the terroir.

Color: ruby ​​red.
Bouquet: ripe red fruits with a hint of vanilla.
Flavor: cherry, raspberry, plum and clove. Balanced structure, medium body and soft tannins.

Vineyards between 50 and 70 years old produce compact grapes that are vinified 100% with whole bunches. Refine for 7 months on the fine lees with bâtonnage. Hints of orange blossom and dried fruit.