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Valle d'Aosta

Valle d'Aosta is the smallest Italian region and has a completely mountainous territory, being in the middle of the Alps. Equipped with an alpine climate, it allows the cultivation of vines exclusively along the course of the Dora Baltea river, where temperatures are more myths. The region has only one DOC area, called Valle d'Aosta or Vallèe d'Aoste, which however is divided into 7 sub-production areas, where different vines are grown whose name is added to the denomination of the wine, as in the case of white Valle D'Aosta Müller Thurgau or red Valle d'Aosta Arnad-Montjovet, a good light wine, with a dry and pleasant taste and a fine, almondy aroma.

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Color: garnet red
Aroma: all ripe red fruits dominate with a slight hint of leather with a finish reminiscent of spicy notes
Taste: the good structure and the body give the wine roundness, final characterized by a pleasant tannic closure that offers a right bitter and typical nuance of pinot noir

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