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A truly extraordinary case, the 4 "Supertuscans" par excellence to represent the 2017 vintage, with an incredible promotional price!

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A true "Tour de France" through 3 of the most important production areas: Bordeaux, Burgundy and Cote du Rhone!

Cash value € 122

Barolo Classico, the art of assembly. 4 producers from 4 different areas interpret the legendary 2016 vintage with great skill.

One of the best wineries in the Langa masterfully interprets the 2016 vintage and exalts it in all its grandeur.

Cash value € 164,6

Barolo Classico, the art of assembly. 3 small producers, excellent value for money!

Cash value € 109

Discover Burgundy with an overview of the most representative wines of this mythical area.

Cash value € 159

Small producers and family houses. Unbeatable value for money and great ease of drinking.

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The tradition of the Classic Method in Piedmont was born in the mid-19th century and is carried on with great skill by the new generations. 3 Sparkling wines from different origins but with a common denominator, absolute quality!

Cash value € 169.80

One of the best known wines in the world, grown for years throughout Europe with very different results and nuances. Find out how this great grape has adapted to the various areas and how it is interpreted by 5 great producers!

Cash value € 107.60

A journey to discover Tuscany, from Maremma to Chianti passing through Montalcino.