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Vinibianchirossi by Karver
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    Barolo "Vite Talin" 2014 - Sandrone
    • Barolo "Vite Talin" 2014 - Sandrone

    Barolo "Vite Talin" 2014 - Sandrone

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    The wine with a purplish color but always alive like ruby, deep. On the nose it expresses its aromatic complexity, following every round of the glass. It releases aromas and hints of black fruits, dark and ripe cherries and licorice root, all accompanied by subtle notes of wood and vanilla, for an overall delicate bouquet. On the palate, the tannins are currently at the forefront. The acidity is well balanced and the persistence of the finish extremely long. A structure, on the whole, already mature but harmonious, capable, right from the start, to tickle the senses with a vibrant trill and a distinct personality. A wine destined, of course, to evolve. Full maturity will in fact be reached over the course of a couple of decades. Vite Talin 2014 offers lightness but power. Each glass carries with it a sense of timelessness: both in the cellar and in the glass. A wine that will last forever.

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    The 2014 growing season, which began in March, was accompanied by continuous rains and some hailstorms. We therefore chose to act in advance: the thinning was done in anticipation of the traditional times and in three distinct moments, ensuring the plant was adequately loaded with grapes. Our goal was in fact the search for the perfect balance between the quantity of fruit and the healthiness of their berries. At the same time, we decided to intervene, always respecting the vine, on the "cluster band": this part was lightened by the excess leaves so that the grapes were more exposed to the sun, light and air. A job possible thanks to manual and artisan skills but also to the rationale of the winegrower who must know how to choose the best for his own plant, also and in relation to the climate. This, together with the physiology of Vite Talin, whose clusters are sparse and the berries have thicker skin, eliminated any risk of mold or rot. Only in September did the climate improve, with a good temperature range and therefore with the perfect conditions for ripening and then for harvesting. Vite Talin 2014, once again, presented a grape capable of shining more intensely than the territory. In the vineyard, season after season, he has been able to stand out: his character and his stubbornness have allowed the vine to support the entire production. Taking note of the good climatic conditions that persisted throughout the month of October and the good state of health of the grapes, the harvest took place on October 18, without anticipating the times, thus reaching perfect ripeness and the right balance within the grape for a wine recognizable in complexity.

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