Rum DonQ Cristal

Rum DonQ Cristal 1 Litro

White Rum produced by assembling mainly rums aged from 18 months to 5 years in Bourbon and Canadian Whiskey barrels and filtered to remove the color. The rums used are distilled mainly with multicolumn alembics and only to a small extent by single column stills

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Founded in 1861 by Don Juan Serrallés in a small sugar cane plantation called "Hacienda Mercedita" today DonQ continues to be a family business faithful to its more than 150 years of history. Two concepts separate DonQ from most of the Caribbean distilleries: the eco-sustainability of its distillation plants and the desire to produce exclusively Puerto Rican Rum without sugar, aromas, musts or syrups of any kind. Furthermore all the Rums are distilled and aged in Puerto Rico, as required by the production disciplinary.

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