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    Mixed Case Champagne Maison Bourtin
    • Mixed Case Champagne Maison Bourtin

    Mixed Case Champagne Gaston Bourtin

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    6 Bottles to explore the Champagne range of Gaston Bourtin, the historic house of Epernay.

    N°3 Bottles Champagne Brut
    N°3 Bottles Champagne Extra Brut


    Founded in 1933 by Gaston Burtin, Maison Burtin is located in Épernay, in the heart of Champagne. In 1958, in order to give the business more breathing space, Burtin himself also bought, also in Épernay, the Château des Archers, not far from the Avenue de Champagne, where the Maison is still based today. Gaston Burtin was an important figure in the Champagne world, so much so that he held the position of President of the Syndicat des négociants en vins de Champagne for eight years. Subsequently, from the early 2000s, the Maison became part of the Lanson-BCC group, consisting of eight Champagne Houses. What has distinguished the Maison's production since 2005 is the ageing of its Reserve wines using the Solera method, as well as the use of state-of-the-art techniques, such as jetting, to prevent oxidation. The Ecocert-certified vineyard comprises 12.9 hectares, plus a further 30 hectares including Premiers and Grand Crus. All of the Maison's wines have always stood out for their finesse, expressiveness, sharpness of taste and great balance.

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