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    Saint-Romain Perriere 2021 - Domaine Henri & Gilles Buisson
    • Saint-Romain Perriere 2021 - Domaine Henri & Gilles Buisson

    Saint-Romain Perriere 2021 - Domaine Henri & Gilles Buisson

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    These 40-year-old, east-facing vines grow at an altitude of between 303 and 340 metres, on a hill opposite the Saint-Romain valley. The strong presence of limestone, as its name suggests, is the main characteristic of this climate. The minerality forms the matrix of this invigorating white wine which, when you close your eyes, reminds you of the fragrance of a stream or undergrowth after rain. Its freshness, elegance and aromas of white flowers and damp stone are seductive from its earliest youth. Leave it to age for five to seven years and this Saint-Romain will give you delicious aromas of grilled almonds and gunflint.


    The Buisson family name is intimately linked to the destiny of Saint-Romain, a wine-growing village since its origins. Since 1758, everyone has been working the vineyard. It was Henri Buisson, a true pioneer, who bought 5 hectares of vineyards and thus wrote the first page of the family's destiny, which established itself as an independent winegrower in 1947, when Saint-Romain obtained its AOC. Since then, the 'Henri et Gilles Buisson' estate has asserted this independence and freedom, practising a wine culture faithful to its core values. Henri's son Gilles and his wife Monica have continued the story in their own way. In 2000, they expanded the vineyard to 14 hectares. They built a new cellar from scratch and invested in winemaking equipment. Thanks to them, the engine is on. They passed on to their sons a high-performance tool that would allow the two brothers to express themselves. Franck and Frédérick Buisson, sons of Gilles and grandsons of Henri, picked up the torch in 2008, inheriting a passion for wine and terroir. They love this land and intend to showcase it in their bottles, make it known throughout the world and, above all, respect it. Henri Buisson was already following the 'organic' trends of his time, in the 1960s and 1970s. Today, the two brothers own a vineyard of almost 20 hectares, certified 'BIO' since 2009, and since this year they have been working it entirely biodynamically. By putting scientific innovation at the heart of their concerns and respecting the natural rhythm of nature, Franck and Frédérick place the family estate at the centre of progress.

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