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    Pinot Nero Riserva Doc "Anrar" 2021 - Andriano
    • Pinot Nero Riserva Doc "Anrar" 2021 - Andriano

    Pinot Nero Riserva Doc "Anrar" 2021 - Andriano

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    In particular vintages of selected Pinot Noir grapes from a medium-high hilly area are the basis of this great wine, the name of which underlines the origin (ANdriano) and the unique character (RARity) of the wine. The complex fruity structure, the slightly smoky nuances and the freshness until the end give it a majestic aging potential.

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    Grape variety: Pinot Nero.

    Production area: Pinzano.

    Altitude: 470 m.

    Soil: reddish clayey limestone soils, with stratifications of white dolomite stone.

    Yield: 42 Q. per hectare.

    Vinification: traditional red vinification in stainless steel containers; accurate replacements; maturation and malolactic fermentation in barrique.

    Character of the wine: Intense ruby ​​red color.

    Bouquet: complex fruity structure, with seductive aromas of berries and cherries, sweet notes of spices and tea leaves, slightly smoky nuances.

    Taste: compact body, lively perfectly balanced acidity and soft, fine-grained tannins.

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