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    "Gemma Vitis" Pinerolese Bonarda - L'Autin
    • "Gemma Vitis" Pinerolese Bonarda - L'Autin

    "Gemma Vitis" Pinerolese Bonarda - L'Autin

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    A wine son of Bonarda: one of those grapes that, like a good Piedmontese, hides itself, not very pronounced but which becomes vivacious for enthusiasts who can grasp its freshness and ready-drinking propensity.

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    L'Autin promises an indissoluble bond with the territory right from its name, which in Piedmontese dialect means a vineyard, a small plot of vines. The winery is located on the border between the provinces of Turin and Cuneo, in an area dominated by Monviso. An area whose identity it embraces: strong, marked, solid like its brand, the Pietra di Luserna, which has also marked the life of Mauro Camusso, the owner of the winery.

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