Voskì - Zorah

Voskì 2017 - Zorah

Color: Straw yellow with green gold undertones
Bouquet: Floral and spicy, with notes of yellow fruit
Taste: Soft and enveloping, animated by a good flavor and a vibrant freshness

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Vinification: Voskèak and Garandmak, ancient indigenous varieties, have been present in Armenia for millennia. Voskèat means "golden seed" and is believed to be the grape of the Queen of Armenia. It is a delicate grape, golden in color, with small, compact and relatively thin grapes. Garandmak, in the translation "big tail", is one of the most diffused grapes, greenish yellow in color, with larger berries, with a thicker skin, and compact bunches. Fermentation takes place in large cement tanks at controlled temperature, deliberately left rough to promote micro-oxygenation, using only natural yeast
Aging: aging then continues in cement vats for 11 months, with a further 6 months in the bottle. Cement is preferred to stainless steel because it allows the wine to breathe during the aging period, enhancing the character of the wine

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