Case 6 Bottles Franciacorta Brut S.A. - Vezzoli

Case 6 Bottles Franciacorta Brut S.A. - Vezzoli

Harmonious wine, savory with good hints of bread crust, it must be served at a temperature of 7 ° C with first courses (risotto, fresh pasta) and well-made main courses.

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Grape variety: Chardonnay

Alcohol: 13.00% vol.

Total acidity: 6.30

Excerpt: 21.10

Pressure: 5 bar

Residual sugars: 4.5 g / l

Processing: Produced only with chardonnay grapes, after fermentation in the bottle it is aged on the lees for a period of not less than 18 months, acquiring aromas, intense aromas and a fine and elegant perlage at the same time.

The hand-picked grapes, with the selection of the best bunches, come from different vintages (S. A. stands for without vintage) this allows to obtain base wines in which the right balance between acidity and sugars is enhanced by the skilful assembly done before the draft.

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