Discovering Pinot Noir - 6 Bottles Mixed Case

Discovering Pinot Noir - 6 Bottles Mixed Case

N°1 Bott. Pinot Nero Malat - Austria

N°1 Bott. Pinot Nero Rebel - Secreto Patagonico - Argentina

N°1 Bott. Hautes Cotes de Beaune - Andrè Goichot - Borgogna

N°1 Bott. Fusional - Chapel Peack New Zeland

N°1 Bott. BVentisei - Il Rio - Toscana Italy

N°1 Bott. pinot Nero Carillo - Frecciarossa Oltrepò Pavese - Italy

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Discovering the noblest and most famous grape variety in the world, widespread in the main wine-growing areas and always considered the king of red wines. Pinot Noir can express itself in many shades depending on the area of ​​origin and the sensitivity of the producer. A mixed case of 6 bottles from around the world!

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