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      Sauvignon "Winkl" 2022 - Terlano
      • Sauvignon "Winkl" 2022 - Terlano

      Sauvignon "Winkl" 2022 - Terlano

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      Winkl Sauvignon Blanc is a sapid, slightly fruity and mineral wine, which has been vinified in purity since 1956. This grape variety has been successfully cultivated for a long time in the DOC area of ​​Terlano especially around the oldest farms.


      Color: intense and bright straw yellow with delicate greenish glaze

      Aroma: The fruity aromas of apricot, mandarin and passion fruit stand out, which overlap with the aromatic olfactory components of the elderflower, nettle and mint.

      Taste: The fruity taste already confirmed in the bouquet is confirmed on the palate, flanked by a delicate acidity. What is most convincing is the good structure and the aftertaste, mineral and at the same time rich in aromas.

      In spring, an interesting combination of this wine is with boiled white asparagus on Bolzano sauce, or even with steamed green asparagus. Otherwise, tuna carpaccio, smoked salmon or raw prawns. A typically South Tyrolean combination is that with nettle dumplings, with steamed trout on mixed vegetables, or with unripened goat cheese.

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