List of products by brand Vezzoli

Erbusco | Lombardy

FAMILY: Our brand is young but the Vezzoli family has been producing wines for almost a century. We are therefore able to guarantee tradition, but also constant research for the continuous improvement of production.

VINEYARDS: Our vineyards, which we have been taking care of with pride for almost a century, are located in Erbusco in the heart of Franciacorta. Over time and with care we have selected the best vines in relation to our 'terror', and we have obtained, after serious and meticulous attention, noteworthy results. Therefore we can certainly say that today Vezzoli produces wines of above average quality, certainly new wines for the Franciacorta area.

WINERY: In the heart of Erbusco, to adequately store the bottles until they mature, we have a well-ventilated and temperature-controlled cellar of 1,500 square meters and we have completed it with very modern equipment and technologies, together with the renowned French barriques.

Produced exclusively with chardonnay grapes after fermentation in the bottle, it is refined on yeasts for a period of no less than 36 months, acquiring aromas, intense aromas and a very fine perlage of unmistakable quality.


Harmonious wine, savory with good hints of bread crust, it must be served at a temperature of 7 ° C with first courses (risotto, fresh pasta) and well-made main courses.