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Carricante 80%, Catarratto 15%, Minella 5% coming from the eastern slope of the Vulcano from 450 meters above sea level. A wine with great minerality that is best expressed after 6/7 years from winemaking.

Nerello Mascalese 90%, Nerello Cappuccio 10% coming from the eastern slopes of Etna at an altitude between 450 and 550 meters. An elegant and powerful wine with refined tannins. Slightly angular in the early years, it is best expressed after 6/8 years from vinification.

Falanghina from the Greek-Latin word "Falango", meaning "Palo", since the characteristic of the viticulture of Campania is that of the "Vine tied to the pole", or always from the Greek-Latin term "Falange", giving it the meaning of "Falange ”Of the finger to which one would like the berry to resemble.

Fiano Sannio - La Rivolta Farm | Fiano, a grape called by the Latins "Vitis Apiana" because bees are particularly fond of the sweetness of this grape.

It is a wine strongly characterized by floral aromas and apparent sweetness, which is then replaced by a pleasant acidity that makes it an aperitif glass, with cheese and certainly with foie gras.

A fresh wine, ready to drink and with a strong character. Clean on the nose and pleasantly soft on the palate, it goes well with all fish dishes.