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A wine of great importance, intense aromas of red fruit and spices and a hint of wood. It is the perfect combination of the elegance of the terroir of origin and the power of the Grand Cru from which it comes. It has an incredible aging potential and goes well with meats in sauce and medium-aged cheeses. The serving temperature must not exceed 17 ° C.

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Hue:Pale yellow with hints of green - bright
Nose:White acacia blossom, lemon blossom. Mandarin and pink grapefruit aromas.
Palate:Dense – rich – full-bodied. Full of energy, very complex. Very pure – a slightly salty finish – superb minerality.

A complex bouquet of red and black fruit with spicy and woody notes. Brilliant elegance on the palate with a perfect balance of finesse and elegance. It can potentially last over 20 years and goes perfectly with roasted meat dishes or with sauces, game and medium-aged cheeses.

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Lively and greedy attack that expands generously on the palate. The aromatic richness of the nose is found in the mouth in a lively and chiseled texture. Narrow, salty and extremely persistent finish.

Wine composed of three successive vintages aging on the lees in bottles of at least 2 and a half years, during which the bottles are moved and stacked twice in the cellar, putting the yeasts in suspension and encouraging the maturation, since they will be bottled after dégorgement à la volée only when the producer understands that the wine is ripe at the right point.

The new born, Cristal 2008, addresses us with a patient soul, full of promises. Forged by time and by a chalky land unique in the world, after ten years of aging it is now ready to be tasted.

Sous Le Mont Blanc de Noirs de Mareuil-sur-Ay

Champagne 1er Crü extra brut of incredible power and balance, suitable for being aged for many years in their own cellar.

La Côte Faron - Blanc de Noirs d'Ay - Grand Cru

It comes from the vineyards of Pinot Noir that Anselme Selosse owns in Aÿ, totally exposed to the south. Pinot Noir in purity, a wine of great complexity not suitable for inexperienced palates, but that can give great emotions to the most demanding fans.

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An autumn champagne where the mix of Pinot Noir and Pinot Meunier offer a truly interesting aromatic palette. Great structure, richness and an important vinous note.