Niclara | South Tyrol

The vinified grapes come partly from their own vineyards, which cover an area of ​​about 25 hectares. Other winegrowers from the surrounding area dedicate an additional 40 hectares of land to the supply of raw materials for the cellar. The cellar is careful to further enhance and refine the qualities that the grapes have acquired after months of maturation in the vineyards. Our oenologist Stephan Rohregger carefully preserves the varietal character of the different grapes and knows how to exploit with great skill the unmistakable typical properties of each cultivation area. Basically the following applies: Work with care from harvesting the grapes to bottling. The company's wines are produced exclusively with healthy grapes of the highest quality, carefully selected and processed with proverbial delicacy. All the grapes, whether white or red, are destemmed before pressing. But while the white ones are pressed and drawn off before fermentation, the red ones remain in contact with the skins. After fermentation, which always takes place at a controlled temperature in steel containers, the wines, depending on the variety and quality line, rest in wooden or stainless steel barrels until they are perfectly ripe. The more full-bodied red wines and also some white wines are also aged, for a period ranging from 9 to 12 months, in oak barriques. Overall, around 750,000 bottles are produced each year. 70% of the production is represented by white varieties, while the rest is given by red wines.

With its aromatic notes that oscillate between bright yellow and golden yellow, this wine stands out for its marked fragrance of ripe grapes and candied fruits, with pleasant hints of honey, oriental spices, sage and rose petals. On the palate it has a full and harmonious taste, with a marked aromatic persistence.

Pale straw yellow in color with green reflections and an intense aroma of white flowers and yellow fruits, including peach and apricot, this Müller-Thurgau with strong mineral and aromatic notes grows at 1,000 meters above sea level. With aging, mineral aromatic components emerge more and more.

The shades of ruby ​​red and garnet of this pinot go nicely arm in arm with its delicate scent of blackberry, raspberry and cherry. In the mouth it is soft and full, expressing all the energy and robustness of a young and hopeful wine.