Karl Fritsch

Kirchberg | Wagram - Austria

Karl Fritsch took over the company from his father Karl in 1999, developing it through a dynamic and innovative vision: his passionate and rigorous approach to enology make him today one of the reference winemakers of Wagram and of the entire Austrian wine scene. Research of the various nuances of the single "terroirs", work through biodynamics in a maniacal way for an organic agriculture (certified) consecrate Karl as a modern winemaker but with solid roots in tradition. The Wagram, a region east of the Wachau, from which it is 30 kilometers away and bordering the Kaptal, the Kremstal and southwest with the Traisental, is on the same parallel as Beaune, the undisputed capital of Burgundy, and therefore perhaps even a little for this work in the vineyard and the search for the peculiarities of the individual vineyards are at home here. Furthermore, the Danube, which crosses it to the south, shaping it, contributes to the formation of a particular microclimate with a dry and windy climate which, however, in some years gives way to peaks of high humidity with mists often favoring the attack of "botritys cinerea" to riesling berries. In those rare cases, some rieslings are vinified as Beerenauslese which, reaching almost 100 grams of residual sugar, give an alternative interpretation to "dry" wines. An all-round protagonist of Wagram, a profound connoisseur of his land.

Production area: Wagram

Land: Löss

Harvest: manual

Vinification: spontaneous fermentation in steel

Color: light yellow

Bouquet: of unripe yellow fruits

Taste: hints of herbs

Acidity: 6.8 g / l

Alcohol content: 12.0% vol

Definitely a wine for connoisseurs and fans of pinot noir. A lively red color, spice and red fruit on the nose, an apparently soft attack in the mouth, which is however immediately offset by a great freshness and acidity. It is essential to serve the temperature no higher than 16 °. It is a wine that can easily age well beyond 10 years.

Available in 7 days from order

Color: golden yellow
Bouquet: typical Riesling, peach and apricot aroma
Taste: notes of honey