Marjan Simčič

In 1988 Marjan Simčič, together with his wife Valerija, takes over the reins of the family business, whose origins date back to 1860 and immediately endeavored to create a new and modern cellar, suitable for high quality wines. The 18 hectares of owned vineyards (some of which are over 55 years old) are located in the Collio Goriziano area, on the border between Italy and Slovenia, an area that offers ideal climatic conditions for the growth of vines thanks to the warm sea air which comes from the Friulian plain and the shelter that the Julian Alps and the Ternova plateau create against the mountain cold. The soil consisting of thick layers of marl and sandstone is in fact ideal for growing vines. Three lines of wines: the classics produced by the youngest vineyards; the Selekcija produced thanks to the selection of the best bunches harvested from the oldest vineyards, unfiltered wines that are put on the market after an aging of between two and four years. Finally, the Opoka, produced only in excellent vintages and in limited quantities, marketed after maturing from 22 to 36 months in barrels of the best woods and after being decanted and bottled by means of the decanting procedure only, without any filtration. The latter fully represent the Terroir of Brda / Collio Sloveno.

On the palate it has an abundance of berries; in the foreground more recognizable are the notes of raspberry and dark cherry. The tannins are barely perceptible. It is fresh, very pleasant, soft and drinkable.

Straw-yellow color with golden reflections; dry, perfectly balanced, with a medium intensity body; fragrance of dried fruit, with a note of lemon and balsamic herbs; long persistence.

Golden yellow with copper highlights. The color itself indicates the production method that appropriately enhances the intensity and complexity of the aroma, a full body, alcoholic richness with the harmony of acids and the characteristics of the variety.

Balanced and pleasantly soft, with a well developed body, and a long and complex persistence.

Color: light yellow with golden reflections
Aroma: specific aroma (fragrances of lemon, green apple, citrus fruits, and grapefruit)
Taste: a fruity taste that reaches perfection thanks to the harmony of acids, full body and minerality

On the nose it is a full-bodied wine and has a pleasant mineral note. Fresh, with a good balance between alcohol and acidity that promises longevity. Persistent and very complex aroma and taste, tending to ripe grapes.

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Color: intense yellow with golden reflections

Perfume: complex prufumo that expands from the notes of balsamic herbs to those of the almond

Taste: rich aromas thanks to the harvest of slightly overripe grapes