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With its translucent gold-topaz color it introduces sweet aromas, where you can recognize aromas of candied fruit and quince, honey, salty and iodine notes, loquats, spice cues, pepper puffs, sultanas and liquorice root. Complete and complex taste, with an overwhelming alcoholic note kept however in harmony by the great flavor and freshness. 

Color: amber, very dense, consistent with obvious brightness

Bouquet: intense and complex with hints of evolved fruitiness: clear aromas of candied citrus fruits and sultanas in spirit

Taste: sweet, which immediately opens up on candied fruit and toasted almonds and on a savory and fresh note; then the sip becomes pleasantly warm, enveloping and soft.

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An excellent dessert wine, but not only: of an intense flavor, it also holds up well with the accompaniment of tasty cheeses, seasoned and also with blue cheeses.

Intense, persistent, pronounced bouquet, hints of dried clary sage, jam, vanilla and honey; sweet taste - not sweet, broad with elegant and caressing body.

Seduction wine.

Served at a temperature from 14 ° to 15 ° C in crystal tulip glasses, it can be enjoyed with goose liver, aged cheeses, small pastries and eggnog, hazelnut cake.

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