La Rasina

Montalcino | Tuscany

La Rasina was born in the seventies founded by Santi Mantengoli but only at the end of the eighties with the work of his son Vasco is it directed towards the wine business. In 1997 Marco Mantengoli, a young oenologist, acquired the management by combining his father's ten-year experience with new ideas and modern technology. The extension is 45 hectares of which 12 are vineyards and 3 are olive groves, while the rest is arable land. The company is located on the north-east side of Montalcino and its vineyards are between 3 and 30 years old, all grown with low spurred cordon. Four red wines produced starting from the red of Montalcino which are flanked by two Brunellis, one vintage and one reserve, Davasco produced only in great vintages. Toscana Igt, from grapes from young vineyards, completes the range with an extra virgin olive oil and two different grappas. A real farm, in organic conversion for almost three years and managed with passion that well represents the viticulture of Montalcino.

Brunello di Montalcino comes from a careful selection of Sangiovese grapes. Each phase of processing, from the vineyard to the cellar, follows the rules of the regulations of the Consortium of Producers.

The company's will is to obtain a wine that presents itself to the customer with all the fragrance and freshness that the Sangiovese produced in Montalcino can release.

IGT Toscana Sangiovese is born from the processing of the grapes of the youngest vineyards. An easy and eclectic wine is full of sensations that refer to the youth of Sangiovese.