Feudo Montoni

Cammarata | Sicily - Italy

Feudo Montoni, founded in 1469, is one of the oldest Sicilian wineries. Already in 1595 it was praised in the first treatise of Italian winemaking "De Naturali Vinorum Historia" written by Andrea Bacci, agronomist and doctor of Pope Sixtus V: "in these lands I found old plants, from the trunk of the size of a man, who produced a wine very powerful with a pleasant smell and taste and capable of long conservation ". The estate at the end of the 1800s was purchased by the Sireci family and is now in its third generation with Fabio who continues to preserve its values ​​and tradition. The 80 hectares of the estate in the center of Sicily, all extend to the east from an altitude of 500 m above sea level up to 800 m; such a peculiar geographical exposure makes the lands of Montoni uncontaminated by environmental, acoustic and luminous pollution, thus creating ideal conditions for organic agriculture. In these extraordinary climatic conditions Fabio produces fine and elegant wines, worthy witnesses of Trinacria's viticulture.

Onion pink color with bronze reflections. Floral notes of rose and violet with hints of black pepper, blackberry, pomegranate and wild strawberries. On the palate it has a pleasant astringency, a good structure and is fresh, persistent and savory.

Masso is the name of the cru from which the grapes come. The name originates from the block of sandy rocky structure with red stones with a high iron component. This strong mineral structure gives the wine particular flavor and freshness.


Timpa is the name of the cru from which the grapes come. The name originates from the Sicilian word "timpa", that is a steep climb, in fact the vineyard climbs with slopes that exceed 70%.