This rare passito is the result of Malvasia and Corinto Nero grapes grown on the volcanic soil of the island of Salina. The grapes dried in the sun on cane racks are then vinified. This is followed by slow fermentation and maturation in small oak barrels. An interesting combination with soft blue cheeses and goose liver, with pastries, chocolate desserts and ice cream.

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From the island of Pantelleria, from grapes spread out for days to the scorching late-summer sun Zighidì is born, a liqueur Passito that concentrates all the essence of the aromas. With a broad aroma and an intense and full aromatic flavor of raisins, candied fruit and honey. Excellent aperitif with liver pate and fois gras, to be served at 10 ° - 12 ° C

Oxydia comes from a selection of the best Zibibbo grapes matured on the island in the warm African wind. Intense and aromatic, it has a complex and decisive aroma, with clear hints of apricot. Ideal with desserts, fresh and dried fruit. Splendid with spicy cheeses.