Borgo Maragliano


The Borgo Maragliano farm is located at 450 meters above sea level on a natural terrace of the Langhe in the heart of Loazzolo, an area crossed by the Marin, a sea wind that favors the maturation of the grapes, enhancing their characteristics and aromas.

In a succession of marls and sandstones, it produces 21 hectares of its own vineyard and the product is vinified, bottled and packaged on its own with advanced methods and equipment.

The wines of the company, the result of careful and meticulous work, are obtained from Moscato, Chardonnay and Pinot Nero grapes.

The undisputed symbol of the company is the "Loazzolo Vendemmia Tardiva" obtained from a selected vineyard with southern exposure and whose average yield is 21 hl per hectare.

After a persevering work in the vineyard, followed by several years of aging in the cellar, he reaches the exaltation of the perfumes and expresses in his taste a sincere and open body as the country in which it originates wants to be: Loazzolo

Intense, persistent, pronounced bouquet, hints of dried clary sage, jam, vanilla and honey; sweet taste - not sweet, broad with elegant and caressing body.

Seduction wine.

Served at a temperature from 14 ° to 15 ° C in crystal tulip glasses, it can be enjoyed with goose liver, aged cheeses, small pastries and eggnog, hazelnut cake.