Fattoria La Rivolta

Wine made up of typical Campania vines assembled: Greco, Falanghina and Fiano which after a long fermentation are aged for at least 5 months in barriques giving the wine great body and structure, making it suitable also for long aging.

Falanghina from the Greek-Latin word "Falango", meaning "Palo", since the characteristic of the viticulture of Campania is that of the "Vine tied to the pole", or always from the Greek-Latin term "Falange", giving it the meaning of "Falange ”Of the finger to which one would like the berry to resemble.

Fiano Sannio - La Rivolta Farm | Fiano, a grape called by the Latins "Vitis Apiana" because bees are particularly fond of the sweetness of this grape.

Greco is a grape so named because brought to southern Italy by the Pelasgians of Thessaly in the 8th century BC It is also called "aminea gemina" for the twin form of small bunches.