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Color: light ruby ​​rosé

Perfume: fine notes of ripe fruit, cherry, raspberry and strawberry

Taste: soft cherry, berries, harmonious and fresh

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A refined blend of red grapes vinified in rosé blends into a delicate encounter that intrigues the originality of aromas and flavors. Sparkling with the charmat method, this innovative Brut sparkling wine elegantly combines a "nervous" fiber with great softness and easy to drink.

From the Barbera and Nebbiolo grapes of the younger vineyards of the Vajra di Barolo company, this rosé of surprising freshness and floral aromas that immediately take us to the summer and the dishes of seafood.

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Vinification traditional vinification of rosé wine in stainless steel containers at controlled temperature.

Character of the wine: Salmon-pink color.

Fresh and fruity aroma, hints of exotic fruit.

Fresh taste with well-integrated acidity; also suitable for summer consumption with fresh and light foods.

Rosé wine made exclusively from Nebbiolo grapes, with a light color and a sugary residue that makes it pleasantly fresh and suitable for any summer dish.


The natural tannins of the grape give an unusual body structure for a rosé; freshness, minerality and notes of small red berries, give to this wine balance and complexity, that surprises with its long finish.