Henri Boillot

100% Chardonnay
Color: golden yellow with green reflections
Aroma: caramelized lemon, bergamot with pear and honey aroma
Taste: well balanced, mineral notes, full-bodied at the end with a hint of salt

100% Pinot Noir

Color: dark ruby ​​red

Nose: fresh red fruits, raspberries, strawberry

Taste: great freshness, light, warm, fine tannins, balanced, greedy, slightly spicy

Hue:Pale yellow with hints of green - bright
Nose:White acacia blossom, lemon blossom. Mandarin and pink grapefruit aromas.
Palate:Dense – rich – full-bodied. Full of energy, very complex. Very pure – a slightly salty finish – superb minerality.

Hue:Bright yellow with touches of green.
Nose:Delicate citrus and white blossom - Slightly buttery.
Palate:Pure – full-bodied and precise on the palate – good energy – a mineral finish. Slightly salty.