Fittà of Soave | Veneto

The Tessari family has lived and cultivated vines since 1800 in Fittà, a small village 300 meters above sea level north of Soave and it was precisely to the Scaligera citadel that they dedicated the name of the farm using the ancient Latin toponym Suavia. In 1982 Giovanni Tessari and his wife Rosetta, aware of the great potential of their territory, decided to set up on their own and to press their grapes making their own wine and today Meri, Valentina and Alessandra lead the company always working in Fittà, where everything It's started. Their story is that of a family that has dedicated itself entirely and entirely to the vine, always remaining in contact with nature without ever losing sight of its origins. In the 12 hectares of vineyards only the two indigenous varieties of Soave are cultivated: Garganega and Trebbiano di Soave, two white grapes that are the undisputed owners of this place with vines that, planted by paternal grandparents, now have more than seventy ' years. The modern and efficient cellar has been designed to produce only white wines, using a rural architectural style, suitable for the environment and the surrounding viticultural landscape and has been designed to exploit the force of gravity, minimizing the handling of musts and of wines. An exceptional environment and an exceptional family for a Soave among the greatest interpreters of Venetian enology.

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Color: bright yellow with bright green reflections.
Bouquet: smoky and sulphurous, it has hints of flint together with notes of citrus and mountain herbs.
Taste: creamy and elegant. Great freshness and flavor. Dry and very persistent finish.

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Color: straw yellow with green reflections
Bouquet: reveals fresh fragrances of apple, kaiser pear and hawthorn, accompanied by beautiful citrus and mineral notes
Taste: juicy and creamy. With constant freshness and a savory and satisfying finish