Salorno | South Tyrol - Italy

On the edge of the town of Salorno, the southernmost wine-growing center of South Tyrol, the ruins of the Castle of Salorno, Castel HADERBURG, the fortress from which our company takes its name, stand on a rocky outcrop.The fertile lands overlooking Salorno, voted since ancient times for the practice of viticulture, enjoy excellent climatic conditions for the production of sparkling wines and red and white wines with a strong character.

Perlage: fine and continuous

Color: clear and bright yellow straw

Bouquet: intense, persistent with a definite hint of yeast

Taste: dry, with a fine vigor and marked vivacity, harmonious

The perfume is so rich, complex and persistent that it is difficult to describe all the notes that make it up and that follow one another over time.

Dry taste, with a fine vein and marked vivacity

Characteristic aromas of the vine: currant, blackberry and blueberry with a background of licorice, vanilla and bitter orange. In the mouth it is a thick, round wine. It combines the freshness of fruity notes with a certain grasseza, in perfect balance.

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Color: Light and bright yellow with greenish reflections

Aroma: Pleasant of white flowers, green apple and ripe peach

Taste: Fine, elegant, with marked mineral notes, rightly balanced with acidity that blends harmoniously with the fruity structure that recalls the gooseberry

Food and wine pairings Fresh water fish, poultry, veal