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Dolegna del Collio | Friuli Venezia Giulia

Gianni, Giorgio and Giampaolo Venica are indigenous winemakers who value and undertake to enhance their traditions with continuous research and innovation: "The effort we are making is also aimed at understanding and knowing the characteristics of the numerous microclimates present on our property. , in order to compose a mosaic of the diversity of the various sites ".

Olfave and gustave notes: Slight bitter almond flavor, poorly acidic, round, lends itself to slight aging.
Serve with: Ideal as an aperitif, asparagus soup, raw ham and white meat.

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The Refosco grape is not very tannic but the cold climate of our vineyards requires a very delicate maceration to avoid green extractions and obtain more elegance. Large oak barrels (French and Slavonian) provide the right evolution while maintaining the expression of the soil unchanged .

Olfactory and gustatory notes: pale straw-yellow color tending to greenish reflections, characteristic, dry, citrine, medium alcohol content. It has a pleasant and inviting bouquet. Remember the woods, the 'acacia, chestnut, oak.

To be served with: cold hors d'oeuvres, sauced fish dishes, sauces sour lemon or all''aceto.

Olfactory and gustatory notes: aromatic, delicate, dry, bitter, velvety, soft flavor with marked fruity notes of peach and pepper.

To accompany with: appetizers, in particular ham, delicate creams and soups, sauced fish.

Olfactory and gustatory notes: intense and elegant aroma of elderflower, peach leaf and pepper, full and fat on the palate with a velvety and soft finish.

To accompany with: appetizers, in particular ham, delicate creams and soups, shellfish and sauced fish.