Derbusco Cives

Erbusco | Lombardy

Five friends for dinner one evening: this is how the Derbusco Cives project begins, which from the name itself wants to demonstrate the attachment to the territory and to the tradition, albeit young, of Franciacorta. The baptism of this company was in fact in the spring of 2010 when the first bottles, opened at the end of 2009, were put on the market thus starting this new adventure. From 12 hectares conducted in Erbusco 4 wines are born: the double erre of (Delayed dégorgement and recently degorged) with 36 months on the lees and with 5 grams / sugar liter is the brut "sans-année" of the house; then the brut millesimato with 48 months and 5 grams of sugar liter as the brut rosé, the only wine of the company from Pinot Noir grapes only. It closes the battery, the extrabrut with its dosage of 4 gr / sugar and the same permanence on the lees it too, like the double Erre di and the vintage obtained from only Chardonnay grapes grown with ancestral methods in every phase of the production chain, confirming the style of this new reality born from the desire to make quality without compromise.


Doppio Erre Di stands for Delayed Degorgement Recently Degorged, in the sense that the degorgement (i.e. the final phase of the production of the Franciacorta method) is deliberately delayed after long months of aging, and that the bottles are delivered freshly degorged to ensure maximum freshness.

Obtained from 100% Pinot Noir grapes, only the first pressing flower is used. A very short maceration of a few hours is made to obtain the desired color, then a part of the base wine ferments in barrique. The wine evolves for 54 months in contact with the yeasts before disgorgement.

Harmonious, creamy and elegant. It is a wine capable of achieving a unique balance that has the power to create intoxicating sensations.

Sensual, fruity and enveloping. It is a wine with a volcanic soul that seduces and fascinates for its romantic pleasantness and its irrepressible explosion of aromas.

Refined, bewitching and structured. It is a wine with the perfect combination of charismatic power and sublime finesse, an elixir for hearts and palates.