Castiglione Falletto | Piemonte

The ROCCHEVIBERTI winery is located in the municipality of CASTIGLIONE FALLETTO, in the Rocche area. As soon as the visitor reaches the winery, the glance is unique, wonderful: long stretches of vineyards follow one another in perfect harmony in a vast and elegant rural landscape, enriched in the background by an imposing mountain range that surrounds the entire plain below. A quality wine must represent the perfect symbiosis of grape variety, territory and tradition. We add the passion with which the Viberti family, winemakers for many generations, cultivate their vineyards. In the cellar, French oak barrels are used for aging. The company makes wine exclusively owned grapes in the wake of ancient cellar traditions and in total respect of the raw material. The noble red wines of the ROCCHEVIBERTI winery rest in oak barrels and then in the bottle and slowly develop delicate aromas or refine the fullness and austerity of flavors. The long rest in the dark and in silence guarantees optimal conditions for the elaboration of elegant bouquets and velvety flavors. In the glass, the passionate consumer will pleasantly perceive colors, aromas and flavors related to a precise territorial identity: the hills of the Rocche in the municipality of Castiglione Falletto and in the prestigious Langa area.

Ruby red color with light purple hues, it expresses all the typicality of Barbera, especially in its fresh and pleasant fruitiness. Barbera is ideal for many tables rich in cured meats and robiole, but also with more elaborate foods, in particular grilled meat and aged cheeses. Its evolutionary possibilities are excellent; the temperature must be around 18 degrees, use large round glasses.

One of the most renowned Cru in the whole Barolo area, a true jewel in the municipality of Castiglione Falletto, where the two souls of Barolo meet, the more austere and the more "gentle". Vines over 50 years old give rise to a wine of incredible depth and complexity.

Thanks to an accurate, traditional vinification, followed by a maceration of at least 20 days, after three years of storage, first in wood and then in the bottle, a great austere, warm and velvety Barolo is obtained. With a color with red - garnet tones and aromas with excellent olfactory notes reminiscent of spices, leather, violets and the classic "goudron".

Obtained from Nebbiolo grapes from Barolo thanks to a shorter vinification and a limited aging period. It is ruby ​​red, with fruity and herbaceous hints, on the palate it is full and harmonious. Excellent on medium-aged cheeses and cold cuts. Serve at 16-17 degrees. It can evolve optimally for 5-7 years.