Mauro Molino

La Morra | Piedmont

Mauro Molino graduated from the Alba Enological School in 1973 and began to develop his great dream of making enology his greatest passion, his profession. In 1982 he produced his first Barolo, that of the Conca vineyard. This is where Mauro Molino's wine adventure begins. Mauro will understand more and more the good fortune of being able to work in a unique area in the world, that of Barolo. He will fall in love more and more with the single grape varieties typical of this area and in particular with Nebbiolo. It will begin producing three of its most important crus in the municipality of La Morra: Barolo Conca, Barolo Gancia and Barolo Gallinotto. Today the company continues to produce its wines at Annunziata di La Morra, with the utmost respect for traditions. The total area is about 12 ha, of which a large part is destined for Nebbiolo da Barolo and the remainder is dedicated to the production of Barbera d’Alba, Dolcetto d’Alba and a small production of Chardonnay. Compared to the beginnings, many things have changed: some important and fundamental moments have occurred for the continuation of this beautiful adventure of passion and dedication to wine.

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