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Good gustative persistence with the classic light tannin astringency of Nebbiolo, very well rounded by the wood aromas and other flavour components (proteins, salts, trivalent salts).Lovely finish, persistent and stimulating.

The features of austerity typical of Nebbiolo express completely and where persuasiveness, saltiness and the right tannin give to the mouth a velvety and wrapping frame.


Soft, tasty, velvety at the same time, leaves on the taste buds a note of sweetness and roundness typical of ripe grape with a slightly dry and astringent closure that distinguishes the Nebbiolo.

This noble Pinot Noir grows in vineyards of medium-high height between 500 - 600 m s.l.m. Here the downward currents of air cool the temperature even in the height of summer. It has been grown in South Tyrol since the middle of the 19th century, especially the older vineyards give a structured and elegant Pinot Noir.

Obtained from Sauvignon Blanc grapes.

Color: straw yellow.

Perfume: fresh, notes of exotic fruits and minerals.

Taste: fruity and floral aromas are mixed on the palate, good aromatic persistence.

Pairings: perfect as an aperitif, it goes well with simple antipasti of earth and fish.

Bouquet: fruity, wildflowers, violet and cherry.
Taste: fresh, elegant concentration of fresh fruit.
Pairings: appetizers, cold cuts, simple pasta dishes, white meats. Dolcetto Piani Noce is a wine suitable for everyday consumption.

Color: bright, intense ruby ​​red.
Aroma: the floral aroma of the vine fully emerges in this Langhe Nebbiolo, notes of rose are mixed with hints of ripe fruit.
Taste: elegant notes of fruit, flowers and spices open the way to a sweet and fine tannin that makes it easy to drink from the first months in the bottle.

Color: bright purple red.
Perfume: fine notes of fresh fruit, you perceive a small note of coffee and chocolate.
Taste: beautiful harmony between freshness, fruit and acidity, notes of raspberry and berries.

Made from Nebbiolo grapes, cultivated in Monforte d’Alba, in Bussia hamlet from the blending of Rocche vineyard (South, South–East), Munie vineyard (South, South-West) and Fiurin vineyard (West).

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The new "Parusso Metodo Classico" Nebbiolo based Spumante wine has always been inclined to rediscover old traditions, a wine that is part of the centuries-old history of Italian and Piemontese sparkling wines.

The glass slides gracefully with its greenish yellow coat, accompanied by soft notes of plum, linden, ginger and lemongrass, the texture of the fine bubbles flows pleasantly on the palate, ending with a gooseberry finish. Wine to combine with small talk, smiles, company. Prologue to a pleasant day.

Color: salmon pink, fine and persistent perlage

Bouquet: characteristic, of red fruit

Taste: dry, with a pleasantly acidic and fruity aftertaste