Bordiga | Piedmont

The history of Bordiga began with a family of Occitan origin, which with great determination was able to set up a distillery at the foot of the Alpine valleys of Cuneo that is now known in different parts of the world. The common thread between past and present is the passion for a work carried out respecting the environment and traditional artisan production methods that the Bordiga family passed on to those who succeeded them. Inside each Bordiga product is the soul of the place of origin, enhanced by the unique and aromatic taste of mountain herbs. With every sip, tradition and innovation are intertwined in a riot of flavors worthy of ambassadors of the excellence of these handcrafted products, made in Italy for over 130 years.

Typical digestive of the alpine tradition in which countless herbs, flowers and roots blend to give this nectar its typical flavor.

Little alcohol but a lot of taste is released from this historic recipe made with infusions and distillates of flowers and alpine herbs. 

Occitan is the simplest expression of the classic Bordiga spirits. 100% natural Gin with hand-picked juniper berries in the Alps of the Alpine Valleys where Occitan is still spoken, born from the historic recipe "Dry juniper liqueur".

In ancient Occitan, the term "pastis" indicates a mixture, a mess. It is consumed elongated with water, sometimes with the addition of a drop of mint syrup, or barley or grenadine.