Serdiana | Sardinia

The Pala Farm has its roots in the land of Sardinia, passing from father to son, with continuity for four generations. In these traditional places, in these solitudes and silences, in 1950, with the first harvest, this extraordinary adventure began which still continues today under the guidance of Mario Pala and his family. Mario, the third generation of the Pala family who has always been dedicated to vines and wine, is now supported in the cellar work and in the business decisions, not only by his historical and esteemed collaborators, but also by his wife Rita and his children Massimiliano, Maria Antonietta and Elizabeth. The tradition certainly has a future thanks to the enthusiasm that, once again, for the fourth, the family and Mario, is about to pass on. A tradition that continues with great enthusiasm and a desire to act on the part of everyone, maintaining that sober style that only those who are passionately dedicated to the vineyard possess.

Intense ruby ​​red color with purplish fingernail, very clear.
Intense fresh and immediate bouquet with nuances of ripe red fruit and vegetable notes.
Dry and soft taste with good structure and persistent olfactory taste.

Dark ruby ​​red, almost impenetrable, intense aroma of small red fruits, blackberry and cherry jam combined with spicy notes of pepper and leather. Soft in the tannins and full-bodied, enveloping. Long persistence.

Straw color with greenish reflections, bright.
Intense and persistent bouquet with floral and vegetable aromas, notes of linden and balsamic.
Taste with clear predominance of vegetal notes, warm and full of good thickness and balanced; with long gustatory persistence.