List of products by brand Andriano

Colore giallo paglierino chiaro; Profumo bouquet aromatico con sentori di spezie e fiori; Sapore asciutto, morbido ed elegante con lunga persistenza aromatica.

Vinification traditional vinification of rosé wine in stainless steel containers at controlled temperature.

Character of the wine: Salmon-pink color.

Fresh and fruity aroma, hints of exotic fruit.

Fresh taste with well-integrated acidity; also suitable for summer consumption with fresh and light foods.

The Ganda peak, a mighty massif behind Andriano, stands to protect the sweet vineyards of the wide Adige valley. Vigorous and elegant, deep and balanced: apparent contrasts that in this full-bodied Merlot give life to a surprisingly harmonious whole.

Müller Thurgau comes from fine grapes, originating from areas rich in tradition. The slow maturation, the refined vinification and the refinement in steel tanks contribute to highlighting their character.

Fineness and elegance elect the Pinot Blanc worthy ambassador of the Andriano terroir. With a bouquet that is distinguished by the delicate scent of apples it charismatically combines the homemade being with a mineral aftertaste.

Ruby red color

Rich and elegant bouquet with hints of black currant and more

Flavor medium full body, harmonious and refined.

In particular vintages of selected Pinot Noir grapes from a medium-high hilly area are the basis of this great wine, the name of which underlines the origin (ANdriano) and the unique character (RARity) of the wine. The complex fruity structure, the slightly smoky nuances and the freshness until the end give it a majestic aging potential.

The name itself expresses the refined scents and the "floral" taste of this aromatic Sauvignon Blanc. A rich and highly temperate wine that reminds the nose of white flowers.

Softness and roundness identify this indigenous Schiava on the palate. The combination of elegant fruit and marked aromas of almonds and cherries gives the wine its unmistakable character.