La Scolca

Gavi | Piedmont

The La Scolca estate was purchased between 1917 and 1919 by the great-grandfather of the current owner Giorgio Soldati, who today runs the company together with his daughter Chiara Soldati, the fifth generation with an eye to the third millennium. The past and the future coexist in this company that best combines the naturalness of those who have always lived in this world with the speed of those who look forward with the foresight of brave captains: never as in the case of the Soldati family do names have a meaning. symbolic. The name of the plot derives from the ancient toponym "Sfurca" or "To look away" and the farmhouse that stood there had in the past been a lookout post. The surname fully reflects the proud and tenacious character of the owners and their wines.

A product in which the surprising freshness is accompanied by the aromas of honey, spices, dried fruit and a distant memory of chocolate, in a continuous crescendo of harmonies. A rare wine, designed for connoisseurs, the result of a particular and happy moment of nature, and of an infinite and patient work of man.

The bouquet evokes the sea breeze, the earth's minerality, but also exotic fruits and honey. Only the experience of almost a century of production can give this harmony, where power and finesse are combined in a splendid balance, bringing us back to nature and to the D'Antan sensations.

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