Frecciarossa has shared a bit of the whole history of Italy over the past hundred years: the company was in fact founded in 1919 by Mario Odero, a Genoese active in the cement and coal branch, who had purchased the Casteggio villa from Valsecchi engineer who designed the Turin Piacenza railway in 1870 and who fell in love with the Oltrepò hills. Next to Mario comes his son Giorgio who graduated in agriculture in Milan, after a good apprenticeship in France, takes over the family business by bringing wines to tables all over the world. The first bottles were put on sale in 1924 while already in February 1934 they were exported to the United States helping to make Italian wines known. Margherita Odero joins her father after graduating in agronomy in 1963, among the first women in Italy, and made a change in the company in 2000 with the help first of Giancarlo and then of Gianluca Scaglione. In 2011 Valeria Radici, her daughter, joined her in Casteggio and from there the relaunch of one of the companies that most of all made the history of Oltrepò was completed by certifying all the production in bio since 2017 and working on the finesse of the vines such as the Pinot noir.

Classic method obtained from Pinot Nero Oltrepò Pavese grapes of great harmony and pleasantness, with a good acidity that helps clean the palate. The center-mouth is characterized by a beautiful vinosity. Aftertaste characterized by mineral notes.

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Pinot Nero Oltrepò Pavese in purity for a classic method of great harmony and pleasantness, with a good acidity that helps clean the palate, leaving an aftertaste characterized by mineral notes.

View: bright ruby ​​red color.
Smell: intense, with notes of spices and small red fruits.
Taste: fruity, harmonious and fragrant with a good freshness. Fully varietal.

View: straw yellow color with greenish reflections.
Smell: intense, characteristic and fruity, with pleasant notes of apricot and tropical fruit.
Taste: full, velvety and balanced. Elegant aftertaste of almond and apricot. Good minerality and flavor.